Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

What is it?

Just like regular household carpets, commercial carpets with inherently high traffic are cleaned in a similar fashion however, stronger multiple chemicals are usually required to remove dirt and grime, restore the look and sanitise the surface.

Things to note about commercial carpet cleaning

  • • We understand the needs of each business so we aim to be as flexible as possible in terms of timing or any other requests you may have
  • • Commercial carpets take longer to clean due to heavy soiling
  • • Most commercial places tend to book us after regular business hours or weekends which allows us more time to clean as well as drying time

Commercial carpet cleaning is a necessary and often overlooked service in most industries. It’s essential to keep your carpets clean not only for hygiene reasons but also because it can help protect the longevity of your carpets and save energy costs in the long run. Commercial carpet cleaning is essential to any business, and it can benefit both you and your customers.

We offer professional carpet cleaning for a variety of business types including, but not limited to:
• School Halls
• Offices
• Medical Facilities
• Daycare Centres

We are also familiar with the special care needed for commercial carpets in foodservice environments. Not only do we have the experience and knowledge, we even provide a commercial carpet cleaning & restoration service for restaurants, hotels, and many more.

You might be surprised to know that commercial carpets have a lot in common with those at home. When they get dirty, just like household ones do, it’s time for them to see the professional cleaners! Commercial carpeting is often made of thicker material than residential versions and can handle more wear and tear from everyday use, which requires more potent chemicals during cleaning.

We take great pride in understanding the needs of each business, and we will do our best to be as flexible with timing or any other requests you may have.

Nearly all carpets take longer to clean when due to heavy soiling, but commercial carpeting has the added complication of being subject to more wear and tear because they are used by many people who may not be as considerate with their feet. Commercial or institutional-grade carpet should also withstand high traffic levels without failing in its function while still looking shiny and new for a long time after installation.

Most commercial places only want to book us after regular business hours or on the weekends, which allows for more drying time and a wide-open space.

We offer services to suit any budget, so call us today or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with us.

All Carpet Cleaning is a team of expert carpet cleaners who work tirelessly to ensure all carpets are spotless and fresh. We have experience in domestic homes and offices or restaurants – we can handle any size task that comes our way! With the use of modern equipment and dedication from our hardworking staff members, you’re guaranteed excellent service for your home or business.

It’s so important to keep your carpets clean and free of pet hair, allergens, dirt and other contaminants. But it doesn’t have to be expensive – our prices are competitive with the amount of work involved in a professional carpet cleaning job. That means we provide you with an accurate price within minutes after arriving on-site for assessment (free!).

Cleaning your carpets doesn’t have to cost the earth, which is why we provide a pricing system that’s in line with what your service will entail. We enjoy meeting customers face-to-face and offer on-site assessments at no charge; if you need it, just ask.

We are friendly and flexible but, most of all, make sure each job meets our high standards before switching off the machine.

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